What is My Wave?

What is My Wave Wireless?

My Wave Wireless is an internet service provider of cellular/LTE internet plans and equipment. We are a group of like-minded people, who, following the pandemic saw the need for solid, reliable internet for communities that either have no options, or who are underserved by the current infrastructure. We use cellular internet technology, which is a great option for folks living in remote areas as an alternative to dial up or satellite, or in areas that currently don't have fiber networks.

Utilizing new technology, we have developed a proprietary ESIM router that not only allows you to get excellent connections in internet deserts utilizing cellular towers, and it also is totally mobile. The eSIM is a great option for people on the move, remote work situations, or for those who have access to cell signals, but not traditional internet. We also offer a fixed router, that relies on cellular internet as well, but is locked onto a carrier designated by your location (which means you can't pack it up and move it around). And for those who may already have a router, and don't want to add to the landfill, we offer data only BYOD plans!