14 Day Trial

  • My Wave Wireless offers a 14 day trial period, during which time the customer may cancel and receive a refund of the full subscription amount and equipment, less any activation fee, $2.99 Regulatory Fee, shipping, and taxes.
  • The 14 Day Trial begins when your payment is taken, NOT when you receive equipment, so we ask that you please test the system as soon as it arrives, so we can help you troubleshoot if necessary ASAP.
  • You MUST CALL OUR SUPPORT CENTER at 800-548-7067 to CANCEL your service. Upon completion of this call, you will receive emailed confirmation of your cancellation.
  • For security purposes, we will not cancel service unless we speak with the account owner, or we receive legal confirmation that the account owner is not able to present themselves.
  • If there is a delay in shipping or carrier issue, please let us know so we can extend the trial period for you!