Data Plans + Usage Explained

Types of Data Plans

We offer data plans ranging from 300GB to Unlimited, depending on the router

  • 300GB Data Plan: $95.99 a month LTE200 Router + eSIM Router
  • 500GB Data Plan: $99.99 a month eSIM Router Only
  • 850GB Data Plan: $119.99 a month eSIM Router Only
  • Unlimited Data Plan: $99.99 a month 5G Rocker Router Only

Data Usage Explained

While it's tough to say exactly what amount of data you will need, the average household uses around 500GB of data a month, and this is increasing each year. Here's a quick guide to data usage:

Here's an estimate of average usage:

  • Streaming in Standard for 2 hours = 1GB
  • Streaming in HD for 2 hours = 4 GB
  • Streaming in 4K for 2 hours =16GB
  • Music streaming for 2 hours = 1GB
  • Average business person receives 120 emails a day = .5GB
  • Average person spends 2 hours a day on social media = .5GB
  • Video conferencing or FaceTime for 1 hour = 2GB
  • Websurfing for 6 hours = 1GB
  • Smarthome (security cameras, etc) for 8 hours = 16GB
  • Gaming for 2 hours (no downloads) = 1GB

  • Average household Netflix usage is about 2 hours a day
  • One Call of Duty DOWNLOAD requires 120GB of data
  • Computer or device updates require 50GB or more of data
  • Security systems can use quite a bit of data depending on your settings