Cellular Internet

850GB Data Plan

Cellular internet works by using a router to connect to the cellular network/local cell towers, just like your mobile phone. The speed you receive depends on how close you are to a network tower, network congestion, how many connected devices you have as well as environmental factors. If you can not find viable broadband internet in your location, and don't want to use unreliable satellite or super slow dial up, cellular internet is a great option. Our cellular internet can be fixed or mobile, which means you can use a router with a specific carrier SIM card assigned to it (fixed), or you can use one of our eSIM routers, which finds the most optimal signal from ANY carrier to connect you to the internet. This option is totally mobile, and you can plug and play anywhere (you can purchase ancillary battery to be 100% mobile!). Speeds vary, based on network congestion, environmental conditions, and location of cell towers, and download speeds aren't guaranteed.