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Bring Your Own Device

Have a router sitting around that you don't want to trash? Give us a call, and we can check to see if your device will work with our SIM cards. Agents are standing by! If you would like to send us an email, please include your router brand and model, and the IMEI number usually located on the packaging or on the router itself.

  • 300GB of Data for $95.99
  • We will determine the best carrier solution for you based on your location
  • Call us at 800-548-7067 during business hours to determine if your device can be activated
  • Send us an email at and someone will get back with you during business hours
  • Pay only for data plan, SIM card is free
  • 14 Day Trial included



300GB DATA PLAN-$95.99

  • What you will be charged for:
  • $95.99 Monthly Data Charge
  • $2.99 Monthly Regulatory Fee
  • $29.99 One Time Activation Fee
  • Call Us

After Customer Service Hours?

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Important information

My Wave Wireless data plans utilize cellular networks to deliver internet access to you. Because of the nature of cellular internet and its use of cellular carriers to provide service, we can not guarantee minimum download or upload speeds, and environmental factors and network conditions may affect connectivity. Other factors that may disrupt your internet experience include network congestion (peak usage times), how many devices are connected, and other factors beyond our control.

In some cases, we may need to try other options to get you connected, and we encourage you to call us if you are experiencing any issues upon receipt of your equipment. In certain instances, My Wave Wireless may be unable to provide you with an acceptable internet experience, and we offer our 14 Day Trial refund, which begins once you have signed up for service. Please set up your equipment upon receipt and call us immediately if you are experiencing issues. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the experience within this 14 day window, please call and cancel your service. You will be refunded the full subscription amount, and the cost of the equipment, less any shipping, taxes, $2.99 regulatory fee, and $29.99 activation fee. You will then need to ship the hardware back to us (for more details, please see the SUPPORT section of our website). Customer service can be reached at 800.548.7067.