Who needs My Wave?

  • You have no other internet services available: Cellular (or LTE) internet is the perfect option for accessing high speed internet when you are located somewhere that doesn't have cable/fiber provider or limited internet options. This can be a rural location, or even within city limits where local infrastructure buildout hasn't quite taken off yet.
  • You are a digital nomad/traveler: Our eSIM router was made to hit the road! Portable and reliable, the eSIM router is more robust than a hotspot, and allows up to 32 devices to connect, which creates a stable network for all your devices. By utilizing the optional battery, you can stay connected anywhere, or even while in transit (great for RV'ers and #VanLife).
  • You need remote internet: Use our cellular routers to set up your own network anywhere you can get a cell signal. Having an outdoor event that needs internet? Or perhaps you are on a construction site, and need daily office access or need to run your security cameras? My Wave has you covered!
  • You have geographical challenges: If you can see the forest for the trees, then you might consider My Wave! We tend to go toe to toe with satellite providers, but definitely have the edge when it comes to reliability due to tree coverage or even atmospheric conditions. (Adding an external antenna can make your internet perform EVEN better!)
  • You need a backup plan: If you need uninterrupted access to the internet, and have conventional wired broadband, our service can keep you connected when technical issue arise. Using the eSIM router with it's battery can cover you in case of power outages as well! We offer a low GB plan that offers enough to cover you when you need it!